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This component allows the user to receive telegram messages send by the Ilevia server based on a certain trigger component. The Telegram componnet can send up to 4 different information at once.

Telegram component's properties


Destination Telegram ID: Fill this required text field with desired Telegram ID that will receive the messages once the Trigger component is exectuted.

How to get the Telegram ID

Each Telegram client has its own Telegram ID. This ID can be aquired with the following steps.

Step 1:

Open the Telegram App, tap on the search Icon located in the top right corner of the screen and type Userinfobot.

How to get your Telegram ID in order to setup the component in EVE Manager
Step 2:

Now just click on the contact icon, this will open the contact chat. Now click “Start” to begin the conversation. This will trigger the Bot and you will receive a message from it containing your Telegram ID.

How to gather the user ID in telegram in order to use it for the telegram component in the Ilevia configuration

Messages sending configuration

The Telegram component uses the Log component in order to set the information that will be included in the Telegram message

Step 1:

Add a Log component into the project. Then select a trigger component from the drop down, in this case a switch component, menu within the Log component properties.

Telegram module assembly | Adding the log component
Step 2:

Now select the Event edge, this will specifie when the Telegram message will be sent based once the trigger component Event edge comes true, you can choose between: Change, Rising, Falling and Rising / Falling.

Selecting the Event edge on the log component in order to send the telegram message from the Ilevia server
Step 3:

Now add the content in the Log component, the content is basically the body of the message that will be shown in the message once it arrives.

Content configuration within the log component in order to setup the message that the user will receive
Step 4:

In order to link the Log component to the Telegram one, click on the Drop down menu called Sent telegram on log event, then select the Telegram component.

How to link the Telegram component with the Log in the Ilevia's configuration software
Step 5:

Now add the trigger component in the User interface and upload the project into the server.

Adding the trigger component into the User interface of the Ilevia's conifiguration software EVE Manager
Step 6:

In order to receive the messages coming from the Ilevia server subscribe to the ILEVIA BOT. Open your Telegram app type Ilevia in the search bar on top of the screen.

Subscribing to the Ilevia bot on telegram in order to receive the messages
Note: Once the project is correctly uploaded, it is asked to restart the logic module. The Logic module is a software inside the Ilevia server that manage all the logical operation of the project such as the comunication between the server and the Ilevia cloud. This operation can be easily carried out by connecting to the server from Project menu -> Connect then Tools -> stop logic and start logic, this way the software will be restarted.

Final result

This is how the final configuration looks like. As you can see from the images below the Telegram message arrives with the content we add in the Log.

Triggering the Telegram message

Triggering the message sending procedure within the Ilevia EVE Remote Plus app

Telegram message arrived

Telegram message arrived from the Ilevia server

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