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Ilevia Manager is the software that allows the installer to configure the system. This is designed to be easy and intuitive to use of its basic functions and at the same time to be professionally sophisticated in the presence of complex features.

It is thanks to Ilevia Manager that it is possible to create the customized interface for the App that allows remote control of the system. The ability to create two different types of interfaces makes this product unique where the operating speed has been the hallmark of which is believed to have put more emphasis on the development of the entire software. Starting from an ETS project (KNX) in fact you are able, in just a few minutes, to create a user interface usable from any smartphone or PC to control the building.

The focal point of each project are the components. There is the possibility of using basic components such as the switch, the dimmer, the information, the thermostat and many others and to configure them in every parameter starting from the choice of the communication gateway (Vimar, BTicino, Modbus or KNX). There are also more complex components that allow logic functions, calculations, graphics, signal processing, delivery of messages, log into the system, irrigation, color sequences, timers and more. All software revolves around an operating expandable logic, easy to add new features and make them available for new and old projects.

The best way to learn how to use the software is to give a quick look at the components available, starting a project following the quickstart page tailored to explain and make practical examples that highlight’s solutions to practical problems faced commonly along the design of a plant.


User interface creation

Drag & drop function

Icons customization

Layout resizing function

Real time clients update

Gateways creation

ETS projects import

Real time connection visualization

Research components function

Multiuser management

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