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This guide will hep you to activate your trial license and convert it to a life time one. This procedure can be apply to eather the virtual machine and Raspberry Pi license.

Note: This operation won’t be necessary at the purchase of the EVE X1 server Which is available with a life time license already included.


Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Power on the hardware unit

Step 2: Connect the unit to the LAN network

Step 3: Launch your internet browser and open a new tab

Step 4: Type on the URL bar

The internet browser will display a list of IP addresses of all the servers in the network. In presence of a single EVE server in the network you will directly land on the web configuration panel login of the only server connected to the local network. On the admin panel login you will find all the most important information about your server: firmware version, license ID and status, public IP, MAC address.

Come connettersi nella interfaccia web della Macchina Virtuale per il controllo della domotica

Step 5: Fill in the credential fields and click Login (Default credentials: Username: admin / Password: password)

Step 6: Once successfully signed in, click on Information menu to get general information about your server

Step 7: Send an e-mail to our technical support reporting the License ID code of your EVE server

Step 8: Wait for our reply before proceeding with the next steps

Step 9: Wait a couple of minutes after receiving our activation confirmation then update the page and login

Step 10: Access to Information menu. When successfully activated, License Status turns to display “Licensed”

Info menu inside the web configuration page of the Home automation server Raspberry PI

Congrats ! Your Trial License is now converted to a Lifetime License with a lifetime validity!

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