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In this guide will be explained how to integrate the Shelly Plus 1 device with the MQTT protocol within the Ilevia system.

Shelly’s device interface configuration

Step 1:

Enter the web interface of the Shelly device by entering its local IP address inside the URL bar in your web browser, then click on Networks.

Accesso alla pagina web del dispositivo shelly
Step 2:

1. Open the MQTT drop down menu. 2. Enable the Generic status update over MQTT, 3. add you Ilevia server’s IP address, 4. finally click APPLY to confirm the customization. This will make the device to reboot.

Abilitazione protocollo MQTT al dispsitivo shelly per connessione verso il server Ilevia

EVE Manager project configuration

Step 3:

1 Open EVE manager and create a new gateway, 2. set the protocol to MQTT brocker, 3. set the address parameter inserting localhost as address, 4. finally Quolity of service a “Exactly once“.

Adding the gateway in order to set up the MQTT gateway in the Ilevia server
Step 4:

Add a new Switch within the project. Make sure the component has the gateway we just created (MQTT).

Aggiunta componente interruttore all'interno del progetto
Step 5:

The first topic that will be configured is the Topic write, this topic is the one used to send the command to the device. The topic to configure is the following: “<shelly-deviceID>/rpc” where &ltshelly-deviceID&gt has to be replaced with your shelly device ID that you can find within your shelly device web page within the menu Device Info. You can find all the json information are indexed inside the Shelly web site.

NOTE!: The script is not fully rappresented in the picture. Click here to view the script.

Topic write configuration in order to send the command to the shelly device
Step 6:

The second Topic that needs to be set up is the Topic Event, this is the topic that will get the status coming from the Shelly device. The topic that needs to be configured is the following; “&ltshelly-deviceID&gt/status/switch:0” where &ltshelly-deviceID&gt will be replaced with the ID of your device. All the information about the the json configuration are indexed in the Shelly web site.NOTE!: The script is not fully rappresented in the picture.Click here to view the script.

Topic Event configuration in order to get the shelly device status
Step 7:

Add the component inisde the User interface and upload the project to the server by setting its right IP address.

Adding the MQTT configured component inside the User Interface and then upload the project

Final tests

Step 8:

For test purposes we will use MQTT fx of the Broker MQTT. For the complete MQTT fx configuration, we suggest you to consult guide. Once the software MQTT fx is configured, connect to the MQTT brocker of the Ilevia server.

Connecting to the broker with the MQTT fx software in order to view the messages crossing the ilevia's server broker
Step 9:

Now subscribe to the following topic with the MQTT fx software in order to view the commands crossing through the Ilevia’s server MQTT broker. Add the topic in the text entry then click “Subscribe“.

Subscribing to the topic in order to see the messages between the Ilevia server and the shelly device
Step 10:

As you can see by the image below, by clicking the icon on the User interface it will turn on and off the shelly device.

Testing the MQTT configuration done within the project

Click the link below to download the Shelly 1 plus demo project and try it your self.

Download the demo project here!

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