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It can represent the On / Off state of a sensor, it can command an actuator changing the parameter’s value. Also, it can be used as input of AND / OR logic, as a system command to activate scenarios or it can be controlled by weekly timers to generate events.


  • The user can activate the main pump of the irrigation system.
  • The user can arm an allarm.
  • The user can use it like a trigger component for other components.
switch's parameters inside the Home automation software EVE Manager


Customizable component’s title and icon. Please refer to “Common properties” guide.

Switch mode: It allows to automatically enable/disable the object state of the device in case of reboot or power off into the selected status in the drop-down menu.

Off / 0: This dropdown allows you to link a scenario that will be triggered once the Switch is turned Off;

On / 1: This dropdown allows you to link a scenario that will be triggered once the Switch is turned On;

Default value on startup: This text field allows to set a value that between 0 and 1 that will be set to the switch once the system starts up.

Reverse value: This checkbox allows to reverse the value sent each time the switch is toggled.

Knx gateway checkboxes within the component parameters


This component’s sample is made by using KNX gateway.

Please refer to “Gateways / Protocols” guide in order to get further info.

Virtual Feedback: please refer to KNX protocol” guide;

Read bus value on startup: Please refer to “KNX protocol” guide;

Write / Feedback address

eden-remoteEVE Remote Plus

Three different view mode possibilities: “CLASSIC”, “MODAL” and “HIDDEN”. Learn more about the component’s view modes


Here is the visual result of the component on EVE Remote (Classic Style).

Switches are displayed as an empty button which lights up when selected.

 State Off (white circle, Picture 1)

 State On (blue circle, Picture 2)

Picture 1

Component's Off status in classic view mode

Picture 2

Conmponent's On status in classic view mode


This is just one of the visual result possibilities of the component on the EVE Remote (Map Style).

Icons can be customized depending on your necessities from symbol to color and dimension.

In this case, we can see three switches with different layout:

 State Off (empty light, Picture 1)

 State On (full light, Picture 2)

Picture 1

Off component's status in Map view mode

Picture 2

On component's status in Map view mode

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