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Shelly 1/1pm are devices from shelly that allow you to turn on/off a switch through remote actions.
They have different names but the function is the same.

Web interface configurations

Step 1:

Connect to the shelly device hotspot, type the default IP address to login inside the web interface of the device.
Inside internet security table and enable the wi-fi client and put you local network information.

How to set the wifi client mode to shelly device

Step 2:

Enable the MQTT and add the server X1 address shown in the picture below .

How to enable function inside the internet security settings

Step 3:

Set the Quality of Service (QoS) to 2, then click Save.

How to set the right quality of service inside the web interface

Step 4:

Setup of the topics inside EVE manager and create a new gateway MQTT broker as explaned in this guide.
Add a switch component and select the MQTT broker protocol that you just created from the gateway dropdown menu inside the component.


Note: You need to know your device id and the name before proceeding, to find them follow this guide.

Changing gateway to be able to set up the MQTT topics inside the component switch within the Home automation configuration software EVE Manager Pro

Step 5:

Now we will set the topics, as explained before to set the topics we will need the shelly device ID and the right sintax of the topic that you can find inside the shelly web site.

 By clicking this link you will be able to consult the Topic configuration.

Topic set up inside the switch component with MQTT protocol within the Home automation software

Step 7:

Download MQTT fx and set MQTT brocker inside its settings as explained in this guide.

How to subscribe to a topic from the software MQTT Fx

Step 8:

Open your Eve automation app and click the switch icon you have set,
you should be able to see the messages passing through the MQTT fx software.

This is how the components look like inside the Home automation app EVE Remote Plus and how the topics look like when they are sent from the interface


1- Make sure to have the last version available for EVE manager and Eve X1 server firmware.

2- Make sure the shelly plug is connected in your network.

3- If you can’t connect to the broker check if the X1 server has been wired correctly.

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Why doesn't my shelly device connect to my local network?

Check if the credential are written correctly

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