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How to integrate Shelly TRV with Ilevia


The Shelly TRV device is a remote controllable thermostatic valve. In this guide is explained how to integrate this device through the use of the MQTT protocol in order to control it from the Ilevia server.

Web interface configurations

Step 1:

First turn on your Shelly Duo and connect into its wifi network, then type the default IP address ( in order to connect into its user interface.

Connecting to the Shelly web interface

Step 2:

In order to connect the shelly device inside your local network, head to the “Internet security setting” menu and open the first tab called “Wifi mode client“.

How to enable the MQTT protcol from within the shelly's web interface in order to integrate it to the Ilevia system

Step 3:

Now insert your wifi’s credentials then hit Save. Once your did, the shelly device will try to connect into the network you have set in shelly web interface. 

Filling the credentials for the wifi client connection of the Shelly device

Step 4:

Reconnect into the shelly web interface once the shelly device is connected inside your local network, then enter the “Internet and security settings” menu and open the “Advanced developer setting” tab, finally check the box “Enable action execution via MQTT“.

How to enable the MQTT protocol integration of the shelly device

Step 5:

Now that we have enabled the “Advanced developer settings“, it is time to set the MQTT settings in order to allow the Shelly device to exchange data with the EVE server.

Set the server IP address by entering the EVE server’s IP, then set the QoS to 2 finally hit save.

Adding the server IP address and adjusting the QoS settings in order to make it works with the X1 server

Topic configuration

Step 6:

Open EVE Manager and create a new MQTT gateway inside the Gateway tab as explaned in this guide.

Step 7:

1. Now add a new Info component into the “My components” section. 2. Make sure the component’s Gateway is set with the one we just created (MQTT-broker).

Configuration of the component info within the Ilevia's configuration software EVE Manager
Step 8:

Set the topic Event within the Info component we just added as shown in the picture below. The text <device ID> in the topic needs to be replaced with the device ID you can find in your shelly device’s web interface.

Here you can consult the script’s configuration

Info component configurad with MQTT gateway within the Ilevia's conguration software EVE Manager
Here is displayed the info component MQTT settings within the Ilevia's configuration software
Step 9:

1. Add a new Setpoint component, 2. make sure it is set with the MQTT protocol (MQTT-broker).

Adding a new setpoint component into EVE Manager in order to set it with the MQTT protocol.
Step 10:

Now set the topics Write and Event as show in the picture below., the text must be replaced with the actual ID of your Shelly device. Consult this guide to know how to find your Shelly’s device ID.

Here you can consult the script configuration.

Setpoint component within the Ilevia's configuration software EVE Manager
Here you can see the setpoint topics complete configuration within the Ilevia's configuration software EVE Manager
Step 11:

Now add the components into the User interface and Upload the project to the server.

Adding the components to user interface and upload of the project to the Ilevia server

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