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The IFTTT purpose is to create chains of “conditions”, this mean that you can create an event that create another event, for example:
if you have a light  you could turn it on by creating or implementing inside your home plant with customized links in order to exec actions.


This kind of protocol can be integrated inside our system.
Eve automation system has the power to create crypted links that works like commands.
In order to se action through IFTTT you have to create the Webhook
the weebhooks  allow you to set events like closing the lights when leaving home with the geolocalization.

Eve Automation system with IFTTT protocol


Step 1:

To integrate the IFTTT protocol inside EVE system we will need:

1. An Ilevia cloud account;

2. Our configuration software Eve Manager;

3.One of our servers (X1 server, Virtual machine, Raspberry Pi)

Ilevia cloud login

Step 2:

Once you sign in the cloud you will need to link your server to the cloud, in order to carry out this operation you will need the license ID of your EVE server.

how to link the server license ID to Ilevia cloud

Step 3:

Now lets create the Eve manager project, drag and drop or open the properties of the component if you already have one in the project.

You can apply the IFTTT protocol simply adding the tag IFTTT to your component (EVE manager can apply the IFTTT protocol only to switches or scenarios).

How to put the IFTTT tag inside Eve automation software

Step 4:

Once applyed the tag to the desired component, upload the project to your server,
you will be able to see it in your ilevia cloud account.

Component inside Ilevia Cloud

Step 5:

The next step will be getting the crypted links to turn on/off switch. 
Click on the component inside the cloud and copy the link.

How to copy the component link inside the Ilevia cloud component
Step 6:

To create the wehooklog:

1. Login in the IFTTT web site.

2. Write weebhooks inside the search bar.

3. Click on the option service on the middle left and click  on the webhooks service and connect it in your account.

How to link the IFTTT webhooks into your account
Step 7:

As explained before, the Ilevia Automation system, works only as the last action (then that).

For example, through the android device service you can set that your home’s lights will turn On when you get close to your house.

Then click on “Then that” and search for Webhook, select the first item that comes out from the research. Finally paste one of the URLs that you previously copied from the Ilevia cloud. By doing it you will create a new “Recipe”.

How to create a webhook in IFTTT web site

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