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Imagine a world where advanced technology seamlessly integrates with your daily life, transforming your home into a living masterpiece of innovation and efficiency. The voice control for home automation is about creating a personalized environment while embracing the technical achievements that have brought this extraordinary convenience to life.

The sophistication of voice control lies in its harmonious integration with state-of-the-art home automation systems. Your voice, an intuitive instrument, serves as the maestro, conducting an interconnected network of smart devices that respond to your every command. This technical marvel is the result of years of research and development, culminating in a user experience that combines innovation with simplicity.

The fusion of voice control and home automation elevates your living space into a testament to human innovation, where the balance of form and function is achieved. As you explore the possibilities this technology offers, you’ll uncover the potential of a home that understands and anticipates your needs, adapting to your preferences and routines.

Step into the future and experience the technical beauty of voice control for home automation. Discover the luxury of orchestrating your home with just the sound of your voice, and witness the transformative power of technology shaping your living space into a haven of comfort and efficiency.


The Voice Control Manager allows to create a new configuration that contains every component that needs to be integrated with the Voice control assistants. This configuration will be used with both the Voice assistants within their apps.

Proprietà del componente Voice control manager all'interno del software Ilevia manager


QR code: This QR code is generated once the Voice control manager is added in the project. It is needed in the login process of the skill on both Voice assistant Apps (Amazon Alexa, Google Home);

Save QR code: This button, once pressed, allows to save the QR code as a PNG image;

Save all voice control QR codes: This button, once pressed, will open a web page that contains all the QR codes created in the project;

ID Voice control: This ID code can be used as sobstitute for the QR code in the login procedure with the skill;

Setup Components: This button, once pressed, will open the Voice Control Manager wizard where you will be able to set up the links between the components within the My components area.

Voice Control Manager wizard

The Voice Control Manager wizard is composed by three main sections. The first section starting from the left hand side of the window, this section contains all the object that can be added inside the configuration. The second section of the wizard allows to organise the objects and to create multiple environment in order to create a organised structure.
Voice Control Manager component Wizard properties within the Ilevia's configuration software: Ilevia Manager.

In the bottom part of the <second section of the Voice Control Manager Configurator there are two buttons that allow to add and remove the object within the structure.

Add room: This button allows to add rooms within the structure of the Voice Control Manager Configurator.

Come aggiungere ambienti all'interno del configuratore del voice control manager nel software di configurazione EVE Manager

Delete element: This button allow to delete the object added within the structure of the Voice Control Manager.

Come eliminare gli oggetti dall'interno del software Ilevia Manager


As said on the beggining of the guide, on the left side of the Voice control manager window there is the list of possibile configurable devices. To add a device into the configuration drag and drop it from the Device tab into the structure section.

Adding device into voice control Manager configuration within the Ilevia's configuration software EVE Manager.

Fill the device’s parameters by linking the component you want that this device will control once you ask the Voice assistant. Each component has a hazard sign on the crucial parameters that must be complete in order to make the device to work with your voice assistant.

Required parameters sign within the voice control manager window in EVE Manager.

Link the component to the device within the Voice control manager component from the drop down. Once linked the component close the Voice Control Manager and upload the project into the server.

Linking the device to the project component within the Ilevia's configuration software EVE Manager.

Classic to New voice control integration EVE Manager converter tool

This tool has been designed in order to facilitate the transition from the Classic voice control integration (with tags in the component properties) to the New integration done through the configuration of the Voice Control Manager component.

Step 1.1:

Open your EVE Manager project. Make sure the component have the tags within their properties.

Check if the components have the tags in their properties in order to proceed with the conversion to the new voice control integration.
Step 2.1:

Enter the Tools menu placed on the top of the screen, then select Scripts and finally click on Convert Voice Control.

Applying the Voice Control conversion into the EVE project.
Step 3.1

By opening the Voice Control Manager that has been just create from the converter, you will be able to see all the components you had initially set up with the Tags, already set up and ready to be used with the new Ilevia’s Voice control integration.

Checking the configuration after converting the project with the Voice Control Manager Converter tool.
Step 4.1:

Finally upload the project into the server to apply the modification done.

Uploading the project to the server after converting the project configuration with the new Voice control integration.


Once you completed the procedure you will be able to proceed with the Voice control integration.

Click the link below to download the Voice Control Manager demo project and try it your self.

Download the demo project here!


To continue with the configuration of your voice assistant click on Alexa or Google.

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