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This component allow the user to monitor the status of the components with a specific Tag applyed to them.


  • The user wants to know how many light are ON in his house;


Tag components properties within the Ilevia's software conifguration EVE Manager

Tags: Here you can select the Tags of the components that will be counted;

One tagged component is on: Link a component that has the tag that you applied in the previous field (Tags);

Number of tagged ON components: Link a Info component, this component will display the count of the components which have the tag you applied in the Tags field.


Step 1:Add the Tag component inside the “My components” area in Ilevia Manager.

Adding new Tag component within the project in the ilevia's configuration software

Step 2:

Now apply the the tag on the components you want to count.

Applying the tags to the components in the project in order to link the to the tags component
Step 3:

Now apply the tag on the TAGS component by selecting it from the tags field within the components properties.

Apply the tag in the Tags component within the Ilevia's configuration software EVE Manager
Step 4:

Select the first component to count with the tag you have selected.

Selecting the first component to count which has the tag within the ilevia's configuration software EVE Manager.
Step 5:

Create or link a Info component to the component Tags by selecting it from the drop down called “One tagged component is on” within the Tags component properties.

Adding the info component in order to show the counter of the component with the On state.
Step 6:

Add the components in the User interface and upload the project to the server.

Adding the components within the user interface from the ilevia's conifguration software EVE Manager

User interfaces result

Classic user interface

Tag component test within the Classic User interface inside the Ilevia app EVE Remote Plus

Map user interface

Tag visual result within the Map User interface in the Ilevia's app EVE Remote Plus

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