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In this guide shows an example of to configure the Linker component to turn On a group of light.

Preparing and loading the project in EVE Manager:

  • unzip the file;
  • open EVE Manager, go to the top left, File – Open – press “Ok” on the message that appears and select the file just decompressed;
  • Start the virtual machine or the Raspberry;
  • Download and Install the Logic by following this guide.


Step 1:

Open EVE Manager, then add 8 switch components and 1 linker component from their corresponding Component’s library tab.

Adding the needed components within the EVE Manager project inside the Ilevia's configuration software EVE Manager.
Step 2:

Enter the Linker component’s properties. Add the source component, in this case the Hallway light 1.

Adding the source component within the Linker component's properties within the Ilevia's configuration software EVE Manager.
Step 3:

1. Click the Linked components button within the Linker component’s properties, 2. then drag and drop or double click on top of the component which the value will be copied to in order to add them into the list.

Adding the component which to copy the value to within the Linker component list in the Ilevia's configuration software EVE Manager.
Step 4:

Finally enter the Interface editor and add the component within the user interface. In this example the User interface style used is the one called Classic.

Adding the Linker components in the user interface and uploading the project into the Ilevia server.
Step 5:

This below is the visual result of the configuration just done within the Ilevia’s User interface (Classic style).

Componenti Copiatore all'interno dell'interfaccia utente a Mappe dell'applicazione di Ilevia EVE Remote Plus | Copiatore On

Click the link below to download the demo project and try it your self.

Download the demo project here!

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