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Eurotherm Smartcomfort


It allows you to control and monitor the intelligent regulation system of Eurotherm Smartcomfort.

Automatic group creation

As always you are asked to drag and drop the required components on “My components” area. The particularity of this component is given by the automatic creation of a “Eurotherm Smartcomfort” group where all the necessary components for its configuration are already added.

How the Eurotherm component's properties look like inside the Home automation software EVE Manager



This component’s sample is made by using Eurotherm gateway with Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol.

Please refer to “Gateways / Protocols” chapter in order to get further info.


Name: editable text field where you enter the group name;

IP address: enter the IP address of the device;

Port: enter the communication port;

Slave ID: a unique ID that identifies the device;

Number of zones: enter the number of zones to control.

Reminder before continuing:

  • Download and Install EVE Logic plugin to enable plugins (link);
  • After loading .eve project to the server, run EVE Remote app, log in and then wait a couple of minutes for logics activation.

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