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The purpose of this example is to show you how to use the Notification component to warn a user when a certain event occurs.

Preparing and loading the project in EVE Manager:

  • unzip the file;
  • open EVE Manager, go to the top left, File – Open – press “Ok” on the message that appears and select the file just decompressed;
  • Start the virtual machine or the Raspberry or power on the X1 server;
  • Download and Install the Logic by following this guide.
Step 1:

Open EVE Manager, after the project is loaded, the components that are used to configure the project of the Notification component are visible in the “My Components” area:

The “Motion Sensor” switch will simulate a motion detector, and the Info “Timer” component is set with the “Today date / time” tag and will show the date and time of day.

Notification sample project components list that will be used to set up the project within the ilevia's configuration software
Step 2:

Enter the Notification component to view its configuration:

  • Our goal is to make appear a warn notification just as soon as the motion sensor detects a presence inside the kitchen;
  • As a trigger component we set the Motion Sensor and as a send action we set its ignition;
  • As user to whom we send the notification we have set the admin;
  • As the first and only information we set the “Timer” Info component;
  • In the content section set the warn message and add the number of the information that is set by (#1) as shown in the picture.
  • Notification components configuration inside the ilevia's configuration software
    Step 3:

    Once the project has been uploaded into the server, by clicking on the top of the EVE Manager on “Project” menu – Upload to server, here enter the IP address of your Ilevia server and then fill up the credential text field with the following onces: as User use “admin” user and as Password “password”.

    EVE Remote login credentials  
    user: admin  password: password

    In this interface as soon as we turn on the motion sensor, we will receive a notification with the warning message and the time in which occurred.

    The screen of the ilevia's remote plus app before the notification appears
    The screen of the ilevia's Remote Plus app once the notification arrived

    Click the link below to download the demo project and try it your self.

    Download the demo project here!

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