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The end user can choose between two different user interfaces (Classic and Map). EVE Manager always provides the Classic arrangement as the default interface for each new user of the project. However, it is possible to easily edit this setting getting access to the specific user management panel and changing the “User interface style”. Doing so, the arrangement of the user interface tab adapts itself depending on the selected user and its specific settings.

If the customer requires the creation of both interfaces, you will need to create two separate users and set a different style for each one of them. (Please refer to “Multiuser management” guide).

Both Classic and Map interface creation depends on the drag and drop function. Just select the icon/component and drag it to the correspondent interface area. Once here drop it. The system does not provide buttons for the interface creation.

Interface creation

Now let’s see how to create a specific Classic user interface and a specific Map user interface:

– Classic interface, for a quick interface creation suitable for mobile devices;

– Map interface, where no choice is left to chance, 100% customization.


Once defined the user interface style that will be used by the end-user, we proceed with the selection of the specific interface creation tab for the specific selected user. Both “Classic Interface” and “Map interface” tabs are arranged into two different areas:

1. Icons / My components area (right area): this area is subdivided into 2 different tabs:

  • Icons tab contains all EVE icons that are available to you for your interface customizations;
  • My components tab contains all the components of your project (please refer to “Components library” guide).

2. Interface area (left area): this area on left is where you will arrange the user interface.

It changes depending on the style you have chosen.

Classic interface area

Map interface area