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This component allows copying the state of a component in other components. For example, a series of lights must be switched together but are configured with different protocols. In this way, a switch Modbus can be “copied” in a switch with another protocol (KNX, Vimar or change station of Vivaldi device).



This component’s sample is made by using Graphic UI gateway.

Please refer to “Gateways / Protocols” chapter in order to get further info.

Source: component from which to copy the value;

Change validation time [s]: waiting time (seconds) before the value is copied from the source component to the selected components;

Copy every [s]: Whenever the source component value is copied to the selected components as the destination;

Linked components: components in which to copy the value of the source component. To select the components you have to use the function drag and drop from the “My components” area to the component selection window;

Note: text field available for additional information on the component from the admin side.

Reminder before continuing:

  • Download and Install EVE Logic plugin to enable plugins (link);
  • After loading .eve project to the server, wait a couple of minutes for logics activation.