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In this guide is explaned how to set up the MQTT protocol inside the shelly plug device.
You can find further informations about the topics in the shelly website.

Web interface configurations

Step 1:

Connnect inside the shelly’s wifi network,
type the default device IP address ( on the web browser search bar.

How to connect inside the shelly web interface

Step 2:

Click on the “internet & security” menu, then open the “WIFI MODE-CLIENT” section and put your wifi credentials inside the text boxes then save.

How to set the wifi client mode to shelly device

Step 3:

Enable MQTT protocol inside the mqtt device by checking the box enable action in MQTT inside the advanced developer setting tab.
Put your X1 server address inside the text box.

How to enable the internet security settings

Step 4:

Set the Quality of Service (QoS) to 2, click save.

How to set the quality of service in the web interface

Step 5:

Crate a new gateway MQTT inside Eve automation software
Here is a guide that explane how to do it.

How to set the MQTT protocol inside Eve automation system

Topics confiugration:

Step 6:

Add a swtich component in the project then change the component gateway to the one we created before.

Step 7:

Set up the topics, as show in the image below.
You can also find the topics in the shelly website

By clicking this link you wil be able to see the topic configuration

Step 8:

Add the components you created inside the user interface.
Upload the Eve automation software project inside the server.

Step 9:

Download and install the debug software MQTT fx and set the broker IP address inside the settings of the software,
Here a guide that explane how to set it up properly if it’s working correcly.
You should be able to see the plug responding to the topic we have set up in Eve Automation software.


1- Make sure to have the last version available for EVE manager and Eve X1 server firmware.

2- Make sure the shelly plug is connected in your network.

3- If you can’t connect to the broker check if the X1 server has been wired correctly.

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Why does my shelly device not connecting to my local network?

Check if the cedentials have been write correctly or if the device is wired correctly.

How can i reset my shelly plug-s device

There is a button on te side of the device, hold it for about 10 seconds till the plug’s leds on top start blinking.