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Another option which is left to the system integrator is the possibility to add customized icons to the program.

It is not so unusual to meet customers asking for the possibility of using a wider range of icons. System integrators willing to provide the end users the best experience possible are allowed to create and add countless PNG files containing a bunch of customized icons. System integrators (or user interface specialists) will be free to use the default icons and their personal icons simultaneously during all their projects.

Photo editor software

To add new icons it is necessary to make use of a professional photo editor software / application such as Photoshop.

Run your photo editor software and do as follow…

Step 1: Create the new PNG file. Set width and height (Max 2048 x 2048 Pixel);

Step 2: Set a grid for the better management of the space.

We suggest to set a 128×128 Pixel grid. This will allow you to get 256 squares corresponding to 256 icons.

Step 3: Copy/Paste the customized icons on the PNG file being aware to not add icons bigger than the set grid.

We suggest to set icons size a little bit smaller than the set grid in order to avoid any possible overlay.

Step 4: Save the PNG file on your Pc.

Add new icon set

After the PNG creation it would be possible to proceed with the file importation on EVE Manager software.

Run EVE Manager (Ver. and above) and do as follow…

Step 1:

Select Project –> Icons –> Add new icon set to open the  the “Add icons” dialog box;

How to add a new within the Ilevia configuration software EVE Manager

Step 2: 

1. Click on “Select file” to choose the PNG file, 2. Choose a title for the customized icon set. 3. Type the values used on the image grid. 4. Click “Ok” to confirm your action.

Icon set adding procedures within the Ilevia configuration software EVE Manager

Since all the steps have been made correctly, the result will be visible on User interface tab as showed below.

The new icon set is linked to your Pc. This means it will be available for the user interface creation of this and next projects. Also, the new icon set will be available any time you will download a project from server containing the PNG file.

This is the Icon pan where you can choose the icon that suits the best your configuration.

Manage Icon sets

In order to manage the Icon sets you have, head to the Project menu’s text item on top of the screen and click Manage Icon set.

How to access the icon set within the Ilevia Manager software

As you can see from the image below, by entering the Icon set Manager allows to customize the properties of the Icon set such as: the name, the sizes and to remove it.

How to manage all the icon set you have added within the Ilevia manager configuration software

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