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Using the Datagram gateway it’s possible to communicate with IRTrans devices, these can be controlled via the Scenario components or through the Remote Control where the commands configured inside the device can be set.


In this example, we will see how to configure four buttons of a remote control for SKY-HD within Eve Manager Pro.


Component's properties with the Datagram gateway inside the Home automation configuration software EVE Manager

First, we select the correct gateway (Datagram) within the property of our Scenario/Remote Control component:


Component Properties inside the Home Automation software EVE Manager Pro

Now let’s move on to the “Command” window.

The first thing to remember is the accuracy of the data that we write, as what we write after the keyword snd (which means “send”), is taken directly from the database of IRTrans that in this guide we will not cover as it owns already its rich specific documentation.

Project configuration

First Create a new Remote Control component by drag and dropping it inside the “My components” tab.
Adding the Remote control component inside the Home automation and configuration EVE Manager Pro
First Create a new Remote Control component by dragging it from the Component Tab.
Scenaries created by adding the Remote Control component inside the Home automatio and configuration software EVE Manager Pro
These are the Scenarios automatically created by dragging the Remote Control component inside the “My Components” tab in EVE Manager Pro.

User Interface

Final result of the configured Remote control inside the Home automation App EVE Remote plus

This is the final result interface inside the App EVE Remote Plus of our Remote Control.

IRTrans Device’s configuration

How does the IRTrans database look like inisde the IRTrans configuration software

This is an example of how easy it is to consult the IRTrans keywords, if your device is not present in the list it will be possible to create a custom one. Please refer to this documentation on how to do that.

Final result

This is how we control our Demo Area through the EVE Remote Plus App and the component Remote Control.

You can view an example of the Remote Control component configuration with the IRTrans downloading the example from this link.

After uploading the project to EVE Manager, following the link instructions, go to the Components section and in the My components area open the LIVE group, then TV Controller or Remote control.
You can try the functioning by opening the Live Room section in the EVE Remote Plus app.

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