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If you can no longer connect to your Server (e.g. can’t connect through IP), you can reset your IP with this guide. You can reset it using a STATIC IP or DHCP IP.


Step 1: Format a USB Key in FAT32.

Step 2: Download the latest version of the file: STATIC IP or DHCP IP.

Step 3: Extract the files from usb.zip.

Step 4: Drag and drop the eve.settings.txt inside the formatted USB.

Step 5: Remove the USB from the PC and plug it in your Raspberry or EVE X1.

Step 6: You can start/stop services to apply settings in the file, or simply restart the system.

Step 7: After you’ve restarted the system, wait 20 seconds and unplug the USB Key.

Step 8: Now the system will have the parameters that you have chosen in the configuration.


HOW TO EDIT eve.settings.txt

NETWORK_MODE=STATIC                                Choose between STATIC or DHCP*.

NETWORK_IP=                           Choose your desired IP. 

NETWORK_MASK=                   Choose your desired Subnet Mask. 

NETWORK_GATEWAY=              Choose your desired Gateway. 

NETWORK_DNS1=                       Choose your 1st DNS SERVER. 

NETWORK_DNS2=                                    Choose your 2nd DNS SERVER

*If NETWORK_MODE is equal to DHCP the system will be set in DHCP.

Note: If a file “db.eve” is present in the root of USB key it will replace the current PROJECT inside EVE X1 Server. You can use this method to install the same project on multiple server.