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The Colour Touch Panel 5.0″ (hereinafter referred to as TFT) is used to display status and control various devices in the EIB/KNX system. When you touch some graphic button in the TFT operation system, the TFT will execute a predefined function, such as switch lighting, scene control or blinds/shutter control etc. The TFT can display frame via LCD and make warning tone compare with common button panel, and the users can operation the TFT system easily and clearly via interactive interface. The TFT is mainly applied in the home and building control system, which can be mounted on a conventional 86 boxes. This manual provides detailed technical information about the TFT for users as well as assembly and programming details, and explains how to use the TFT by the application examples. The TFT is connected to the bus via the EIB connection terminals and need a 30V DC additional supply voltage. It is available to assign the physical address and set the parameters by Engineering design tools ETS with VD3/VD4 (higher than edition ETS3).

Colour Touch Panel versions: Black, White, Grey



  • Capacitive touch screen, color display
  • Switching and dimming
  • Control of blinds and shutters
  • Sending of values, e.g. water line, brightness
  • Recall and storage scene
  • Temperature measure and control function
  • RGB LED dimming and logic function
  • Background music control and security control
  • Air condition control
  • Can display indoor and outdoor temperature
  • Operating lock and proximity function