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GVS – Universal Int., 4-ch


The Universal Interfaces achieve the functional applications via conventional push buttons/switches, communicate by technical binary, which are used to control the devices such as the Dimmer Actuator/the Relay Actuator, to control domestic appliance indirectly. At the same time, they also enable the control of LEDs. The extremely compact design enables the device to be inserted in a conventional 60 mm wiring box. The Universal Interfaces connect to the bus though the EIB connection terminals and have no use for additional supply voltage. It is available to assign the physical address and set the parameters by Engineering design tools ETS with VD2/VD3 (higher than edition ETS2v1.3).It is able to install VD3 file if use ETS3 software.

Power supply 21 – 30V DC, via EIB BUS
Protection type /
Dimension 46 x 46 11.7 mm (H x L x D)
Weight 50 g


N.B: Go to the DOWNLOADS section to download the complete datasheet.


  • Switching and dimming function
  • Control of blinds and shutters
  • Sending of values e.g. temperature values water line
  • Invocate and storing of scenes
  • Trigger an LED for reporting an operation
  • Operation of various loads by multiple push button actions
  • Operation of several loads in a fixed switching sequence
  • Standard counting and differential counting

Order Code: KI/U0401.1