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1.Define requirements and request an offer

Define what you need for your EVE installation by consulting our technicians.
Provide all your details to calculate the shipping cost of the goods.

2.Receive the offer

Within the next 24 hours we send you the quote by e-mail.

3.Transmit the order / Receive order confirmation

The order confirmation you can check the sales conditions we apply. There is no minimum order.

4.Make the payment

We accept the following payment methods:

Bank Transfer (T/T) * :
The bank details (SWIFT code) are communicated together with the pro-forma invoice sent by e-mail.

PayPal ** :
The money request is simply emailed (a note explains the request) and paid with a credit card or PayPal balance.

Advanced payment is required. Please note, we do not ship orders until we receive payment.

* Bank commissions: All charges are to be borne by the buyer.
** PayPal fees: 
Buying is + 3,5% per transaction (Euro currency).

5.Receive the products and the invoice

After receiving the payment notification, we will send you the products anywhere in the world.
You will receive them by express courier within a very short time. You can also check the tracking of the shipment.

Click here in order to track your shipment.