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Run EVE Manager. Select “Project” from the menu row and “Connect”.

The connection window will pop up. Here you need to enter the correct data in order to connect to the server.

This process allows EVE Manager to be kept connected to EVE Server.

Select “Tool” from the menu row and “Plugins”.

The plugin modules window will pop up. Here you will find the EVE Logic download and a list of all the latest plugin modules available.

Select “Download to PC” in order to download EVE Logic and all the available plugin modules. This command appears only if new updates are available.

After EVE Logic downloading you need to carry out its installation on EVE Server otherwise the plugin modules system won’t work.

Select the checkbox of EVE Logic module and then click on “Install” button in order to install it on EVE Server.

Now the plugin components available on the components library of EVE Manager will actually be up and running.