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date-time-busDate / Time on BUS

It sends date and time to the KNX Bus.


Send server time: (Checkbox): if ticked sends a message to the bus with date and time info;
Every (…) minutes (number): it defines how long it would take to send a new updated message to the bus.


This component’s sample is made by using KNX gateway.

Please refer to “Gateways / Protocols” guide in order to get further info.

Virtual Feedback (checkbox): please refer to “KNX protocol” guide;

Read bus value on startup (checkbox): please refer to “KNX protocol” guide;

DPT Type: (You can use 2 different “Date / Time on  Bus” components with different DPT Type)

DPT_TimeOfDay: it sends to the bus the time info;
DPT_Date: it sends to the bus the data info;
DPT_DateTime: it sends to the bus both date and time info;

Write / Feedback address