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date-pickerDate picker

This component turns out to be useful during the configuration of other plugin modules.

This component allows the choice of a date. It is choose as a parameter in the operation of other components. For example it can be used to allow the user to choose a specific date for displaying the chart.


Customizable component’s title and icon. Please refer to “Common properties” guide.


This component’s sample  is made by using Graphic UI gateway.

Please refer to “Gateways / Protocols” chapter in order to get further info.

This component allows to add features to other functions. For example, it could be used on Chart plugin modules to let users choose a different date filter on the user interface. See Chart plugin module.

Note: text field available for additional information on the component from the admin side.

Reminder before continuing:

  • Download and Install EVE Logic plugin to enable plugins (link);
  • After loading .eve project to the server, wait a couple of minutes for logics activation.