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Each component has different parameters according to the protocol to which it is associated, however, some things are common to all components. This is the case of the component’s registry area that summarizes basic info for its unique identification within the project. Also, there are configuration parameters which determine the component’s behaviour in the project regardless of its category. Here is a list of all the common properties between EVE Manager components:

This is an editable field. Here you can customize the component’s name (aimed for installers).

This is a field which can not be edited. Here is displayed the category of the selected component.

This is a field which can not be edited. Here is displayed the unique ID of the selected component.

The drop-down menu shows all the existing gateway of the specific project.
This field need to be set depending on the specific component’s configuration.

Show Custom Data
This is an option aimed only for developers and not specifically needful for the system integrator.

Save Last Value
Check box. EVE will record the last value of the component so that, in the event of a blackout the status of the device will be set to the value existing before the event.

Use recurring values

This checkbox allows to keep all the telegrams inside the BUS, if unchecked only the changing telegrams will be considered.

User Visibility
Check box. This option allows the component to be visible and editable from other users with special permission (Manage components).

Select Tags
A tag is an helpful tool to give to the component a better description.
Thanks to it, the software modules will be able to filter components to perform their functions.

Linked to                                                                                                                                                                          It allows the synchronization of two components also of different protocols making it possible to use the system as a gateway between protocols, for more information view this link.

Bidirectional linking                                                                                                                                        Activating this flag you will have the possibility to activate the bidirectionality of the data, this allows the continuous synchronization of data between two components. If the flag is not activated, the data will be sent to the component in unidirectional mode.

User interface title: component’s title displayed onto the user interface which can be edited anytime.

User interface icons: component’s icons displayed onto the user interface which can be edited anytime.

Note: text field available for additional information on the component from the admin side.


EVE Manager gives you the ability to edit each icon based on the customer’s taste, now on the “Components” tab or later on the “User Interface” tab. Any changes made on “Components” tab will be simultaneously updated also on “Interface” tab and vice versa. In order to edit component’s icon just do right click on it and the icon editor window will appear to let you make changes. (Please refer to “User interface” guide for further information about Icon editor tool).

The installer can structure the project using the default icons and then make changes later in a quickly way thanks to the software features of copy, paste and linked paste on the “Components” tab. These features are very useful in order to avoid having to define the icons which have to be used within the project in advanced.

Copy / Paste

In the event that, as a result of specific agreements with the customer, there are several components to be modified with the same icons, it is possible to copy and paste icons choices simply by using the commands copy / paste present just below the icon’s square of the component. This leads to a reduction of working time as to avoid having to access the icon editor of each component of the project.




Copy / Linked Paste

For the same reason, there is also the possibility of creating a link between icons of different components. Make the change and copy, then select any other component which needs to have the same icons and just click on the link icon. On this way, by changing the icons of the component “source” you also change the icons of all components linked to it. This leads to an automatic update of all icons on “Components” tab and also on EVE Remote user interface.




The components used in the user interface creation (“Interface” tab) will be represented with the icons defined in the “Components” tab.

To make further changes on the single component you can click two times on its icon on the “Interface” tab.

By now the icon will be “customized” and not take into account the changes made on the “Components” tab.