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The KNX Gateway connects a PC to an EIB / KNX system via the EIB socket on our X1 servers in order to configure, parameterize and commission the EIB / KNX installation and the bus monitor using the ETS.

This diagram represents a typical installation of our server that allows the installer to control and configure our server.

How the Home automation X1 server could be installed in a ipotetical KNX installation

KNX Gateway configuration

In order to use your X1 server as a communication gateway with ETS, it is recommended to start the ETS software before following the next steps:


Start EVE Manager Pro and connect from the Project -> Connect menu to your X1 server.

How to connect to the Home automation server through the Home automation configuration software EVE Manager


Once the connection has been established, go to the Tools -> Start KNX Gateway menu. This will initiate communication between the X1 server and the ETS software.

How to start the KNX gateway from the Home automation configuration software EVE Manager


Now let’s move on to the ETS software, by selecting the Bus screen you will notice that the communication was successful. Under “Current Interface” you will find your X1 server while on the right of the screen all the network details of your server.

How ot make an IP tunnelling from the Home automation components setup software ETS 5


When the connection is established it will be possible to use all the ETS features. In this example, correct operation can be verified by selecting Bus Monitor, which once you press Start, will give you all the information of your devices in real time.

How to check the feedback from the Home automation components from inside the ETS 5 software


Once the configuration is over on ETS, go back to EVE Manager Pro and from the Tools menu click on Stop KNX Gateway.

How to stop the KNX gateway from the Home automation configuration software EVE Manager