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The Voice Control Manager allows to create a neew configuration that contains every component that needs to be integrated with the Voice control. This configuration will be used with both the Voice assistants within their apps.

Proprietà del componente Voice control manager all'interno del software Ilevia manager

Component properties

QR code: This QR code is generated once the Voice control manager is added in the project. It is needed in the login process of the skill on both Voice assistant Apps (Amazon Alexa, Google Home);

Save QR code: This button, once pressed, allows to save the QR code as a PNG image;

Save all voice control QR codes: This button, once pressed, will open a web page that contains all the QR codes created in the project;

ID Voice control: This ID code can be used as sobstitute for the QR code in the login procedure with the skill;

Setup Components: This button, once pressed, will open the Voice Control Manager wizard where you will be able to set up the links between the components within the My components area.

Voice Control Manager wizard

The Voice Control Manager configurator is composed by three main sections. The first section starting from the left hand side of the window, this section contains all the object that can be added inside the configuration. The second section of the configurator allows to organise the objects and to create multiple enviroment in order to create a organised strucutre.
Sezioni configuratore del componente Voice Control Manager all'interno del software di configurazione Ilevia Manager

In the bottom part of the <second section of the Voice Control Manager Configurator there are two buttons that allow to add and remove the object within the structure.

Add room: This button allows to add rooms within the structure of the Voice Control Manager Configurator.

Come aggiungere ambienti all'interno del configuratore del voice control manager nel software di configurazione EVE Manager

Delete element: This button allow to delete the object added within the structure of the Voice Control Manager.

Come eliminare gli oggetti dall'interno del software Ilevia Manager
Click the link below to download the Voice Control Manager demo project and try it your self.

Download the demo project here!

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