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How to configure the KNX protocol inside Home autoamtion configuration software EVE Manager


Name (field): enter the title for your KNX gateway;

Protocol (drop down): choose the protocol to match with the gateway;

Enable (check box): it allows to enable /disable the selected gateway;

Device (drop down): select the type of device;

Address (field): IP address of the KNX gateway or serial address (/dev/ttyS1) of the device X1;

Port (field): TCP port of the KNX gateway (default: 3671);

or physical address (number): when usign USB KNX Interfaces or Raspberry addon boards;

Read interval (number): waiting time between each group read (250 milliseconds).

Component’s parameters

Virtual feedback: message generated by the server to create the feedback when the physical device does not have the function of creating this message;

Read bus value on startup: Once the project i completly uploaded in the server this check box allows the servere to read the bus value.

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