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External Recorder


The External Recorde allows you to record data from a device inside your project to a external database.

It works like a normal Recorder, plus it gives you the chance to set up a “influxdb” gateway to export the data into your external database.


  • You could set up a External Recorder to record data from multiple places, you can have more that one X1 server that aim to the same Data Base from different buildings.
External recorder component properties inside the Home automation configuration software EVE Manager


Data to record: Components’ list whose data you want to record; You can choose components that represent binary states (e.g. Switch) or a numeric value (e.g. Info). Selection is carried out by dragging components from “My components” area to the list box.

Recording interval [s]: It involves recording a behaviour after every specified time period [seconds]; When the field is left empty or filled with “0” value, Recorder keeps recording any behaviour every second.

Configuration and installation of the influx db service in third party devices

Here you can find and consult the documentation from the official  InfluxDB’s web site, there you will find all the steps and the configuration necessary to integrate the influxDB OSS in a third party device.


As explaned before the External Recorder gives you the chance to work with the “influxdb gateway”  selectable from the gateway drop down menu inside the gateway tab

How to create a new Influxdb gateway inside the Home automation and configuration software EVE Manager Pro

You can select this gateway from the drop down menu of the External Recorder component’s drop down menu

Setting the new Influx DB gateway inside the Home automation and configuration software EVE Manager Pro

Same for the External Recorder you can choose the components which you want to record the data from.
Click on the button Select components  and set the Recording interval, this option is completetly choosen from the user according to his preferences.

Inserting the of the components that will be registered from the External recored component


For any other questions / configurations we suggest to contact our Techcnical Support for further information and aimed explanation according to your needs.

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