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Overall View

Eve X1 Server is the core of every home automation system based on KNX technology. Beyond the KNX, the X1 server supports also Z-WAve, Modbus, Vimar By-me, Bticino MyHome, EnOcean, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Philips Hue, the E.l.M.o, IESS and Satel, Ip cctv, SimonsVoss, CoolMasternet, IntesisBox, Clivet, Eurotherm, Aernova, Vivaldi, Sonos, UPnP, Kodi, Global cachè, IRtrans, TCP / IP, UDP, MQTT and a lot more.

The EVE suite software allows you to develope custom user interfaces, logic operations, schedulation and scenes. EVE suite isn’t only recording data, create report, manage the energy.  The User interface is complitly customizable, and available in two different grafics stiles. A default icon set is available for every grafic objects in addition to this there is the chance to import custom icons.

EVE is multilanguage and has care a lot about the right to left languages such as: Arabian, Persian, Jewish), chinese and Russian. EVE remote Plus app is free for phone/desktop IOS, Android and Windows allows to manage your smart building from everywhere.